Treatment Philosophy

“We believe in looking forwards and not backwards – living in the past does not serve anyone – you need to build on what you have today - once you have made peace with your life as it was” - Yolandé, MD of Papillon

Since our launch in 2013, Papillon has had a HIGH success rate in the reintegration of clients. This figure encompasses clients that have moved from just-out-of-hospital into a structured work environment and also independent/sometimes assisted-living clients.

Our treatment philosophy emphasises: Assessment, individual treatment plans and interventions, and then reintegration planning and the execution thereof - in a period of 21 days, three to twelve months, depending on the client. We work off a five-step treatment programme developed by McLean Hospital – over the past six years we have adapted the programme to suite a local setting especially when reintegrating our clients.

At the core of all our endeavours is the belief that the individual can recover if she/he has the will to – We qualify this statement as not all clients due to various reasons can reach a full recovery. They can however lead productive and fulfilled lives. This is based on the life experience of Yolandé Geyser, the MD of Papillon. Yolandé herself suffers from a psychiatric disorder and is an activist for this audience.